The planet and its inhabitants; feminism, diversity and integration; the concerns of our senior citizens; the milieu of Navarra... the themes of NIFF - Navarra International Film Festival revolve around social reality and education in values.


It is essential to discuss the environment and the situation of the planet.


Take away the fears and make this situation advantageous for everyone.


Make room for a feminist cinema that serves to raise awareness and to denounce.


The Festival is committed to giving greater visibility to this group.


Because we're diverse and we function differently.


Our senior citizens are the protagonists at the festival.



It is essential to discuss the environment and the current situation of the planet. There is still a long way to go in awareness raising, to allow us to realize that our actions are destroying the wonderful nature of Earth.

We'll discuss the importance of recycling; the sea and plastics; organic food; the technological industry and its effects on the Earth and health...


Syria, the Mediterranean, the Sahara and Mexico: Analysis of the causes of migration: war and hunger; What's life like for refugees in Spain? New turn in politics towards the extreme right...


All these are matters that concern us today, and fear is really present in each and every one of the questions raised. We'd like to take away these fears and ensure that these situations are to the mutual advantage of each and every one of us. Raise the awareness of the positive aspects of migrations and intercultural exchanges.



We consider that it's essential to include films on equality, that serves to raise awareness and to denounce. The key concepts of this area are abuse, the empowerment of women, trafficking and prostitution, socially accepted inequality, abortion, women in cinema, the glass ceiling, etc

This year, trafficking and prostitution are the focus of the Equality Theme.




There is a need to give greater visibility to a group that has been stigmatized for years. The fight for acceptance and the achievement of rights for LGTBI+ is one of our themes.  

The Festival is committed to visibility; transgenderism; homophobia, how to put an end to it; gender identity, etc.



What's normal and what's not? There's nothing more subjective and artificial than establishing limits between one term and another. Because we're diverse and function differently, however society has still not fully grasped this.


We'd like to convey a message of equality, of acceptance and coexistence.



Our Senior Citizens are generally "forgotten" by society. That's why we'd like to give them a leading role in our festival. Offer them a space where we can give them our time and our affection, to all their stories.

Some are helping out us as volunteers, providing their experience in this venture.