Official Selection of the Quarantine Films Section.

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Joaquin Salinas

(2020) 2 'SPANISH - CHILE

Valentina, a 10-year-old girl, recounts the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic in her life.

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Joaquin Salinas


Sales coordinator at 20th Century Fox where he did the programming of some cinemas and the booking of all of them with Warner and Fox films.
He is currently writing "La Ladrona de Bicycles" his first feature film with the Guionarte Method taught by Michelina Oviedo.

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Victor Urbano

(2020) 4 'SPANISH - SPAIN   

Changes are changes, according to the voice-over. The branches are shaken by the wind. Our protagonist, locked in his house, wonders if these changes will have surnames.

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Victor Urbano


He studied at the Barcelona Film School (ECIB) and completed his training at the Bande À Part Film School, where he trained in film script and directing.
After Cinco Plazas (2018), which obtained 13 selections in national festivals, he has written and directed Nobody Wants to Talk (2019), Summer Storm (2020) and Los Cambios (2020)



David Del Aguila

(2021) 15 'SPANISH - SPAIN  ​

April 2020. Patricia goes like every day to her job as a nurse. Carmelo, positive for Covid, wakes up surrounded by Martians.


David Del Aguila


He develops his studies in Information Sciences, Image branch, in Valencia. He joined an advertising production company in March 2002 as a creative and producer. In July 2005, together with another partner, he founded 29 LETRAS SL, a production company specialized in the production of short films and documentaries.



Jan Cornet

(2021) 18 'SPANISH - SPAIN

José returns to his childhood home to take care of his father, Gonzalo. Old memories and unresolved conflicts will surface, at a time where uncertainty and fear will serve as a catalyst.


Jan Cornet


I started working as an actor when I was very young, having the opportunity to work with some of the best Spanish directors such as Pedro Almodóvar in La Piel Que Habito, with which I won the Goya for Best New Actor. I have always been extremely curious about what happens behind the camera and it was during 2020 that I finally had the energy and time to shoot Latitude, my first short film as a director.

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Manolo Vazquez

(2020) 13 'SPANISH - SPAIN

On March 13, 2020, a state of alarm was declared in Spain by Covid-19. The days pass between WhatsApp messages and news, while people go out to the terraces of their houses to look for air.

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Manolo Vazquez


His first work of fiction was Colgados, a short film that deals with suicide from a curious perspective, leading him to win the award at the New York International Film Festival for the best international short film. In 2012 he made the feature film, Heimlich's maneuver, selected at the 2013 Malaga Film Festival. After spending a couple of years traveling through festivals, it was released in theaters in 2015 to a great reception from specialized critics.



Santiago López - SAMLO

(2021) 25 'SPANISH - SPAIN    

Young nurses faced the task of their lives for the first time. The pandemic, the deaths, the endless days ...




Student of the Faculty of Communication of the University of Navarra. He works for Marvel Studios as a 2D animator.