The creation of short film about the current situation of global pandemic.

The NIFF Festival convenes the QUARANTINE FILM CHALLENGE. It invites to create a short film about the current situation of global pandemic. Those interested in participating, professionals and film fans with sensitivity and talent for creating audiovisual pieces can use any available medium, from a mobile to a professional camera; there are no technical limitations.
The theme is common QUAQUARANTINE and all the artistic variants that fit this, which is also transversal with the rest of the NIFF themes. The duration of the pieces must be between 1 and 12 minutes including credits.

The winner will be awarded with the Meliton Quarantine Film Challenge, with a trophy and a diploma. No economic endowment. The finalist projects will be screened during the festival. The works must be presented on the festival platform in Festhome between March 27 and July 31.


Conditions summary:

  • Use of any available means, from a mobile to a professional camera. There are no limitations techniques.

  • Duration: Between 1 and 12 minutes.

  • Common theme: QUARANTINE – QUARANTINE and its variants.

  • Deadline: Since its launch in Festhome on 27 March to July 31.