The prizes awarded by the Navarra International Film Festival are for a total of six categories:

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From the Navarra International Film Festival we inform that the Government of Navarra has granted us the MECNA seal.

This "seal" means that NIFF has obtained the distinction of CULTURAL PROJECT of SOCIAL INTEREST  and that we are authorized for companies and individuals that support the Navarra Film Festival to obtain our certificate and with it important tax incentives.

If you donate between € 5 and € 150, you are entitled to a deduction of the income tax fee of 80%.

How do you do it? Let's see with an example the steps to follow:

  1. You enter the portal with this link:

  2. You write down the account number of the project that appears on it.

  3. You make a transfer of € 100 from your account.

  4. Send us the receipt of the transfer to with your phone number , or call us at 663 30 30 60 to tell us that you are a Festival Patron and give us your information.

  5. With your data we will prepare and send you the NIFF Patron certificate.

  6. That certificate, which is the proof of your contribution, you include it in the income statement (with it  you get € 80 back, so your contribution is € 20).

  7. During the days around the Festival or during it, you collect your gift (1).

(1) Donations of € 50 (contribution of € 10) or higher, get the NIFF20 Cloth Bag for FREE.

Other examples:
If you donate € 150 you get back € 120 and contribute € 30. If you donate € 50 you get back € 40 and contribute € 10. That is, providing
Only € 10, you allow the festival to raise € 50.


If you are a COMPANY or want to make a contribution of more than € 150, the conditions are different. Us
I'd love to explain them to you in detail. For this you can contact us at or at
WhatsApp from 663 30 30 60.

Finally, if you know people who pay taxes in Navarra and who may be interested in this format
patronage, we would appreciate if you share this information with them and thus help us give a great
boost to the festival.

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