The prizes awarded by the Navarra International Film Festival are for a total of six categories:

  • Gold Melitón: Prize to the best audiovisual work. 2.000 €

  • Silver Melitón: Prize to the best director. 1.000 €

  • Silver Melitón: Prize to the best actor. 1.000 €

  • Honorary Melitón: Honorary prize for the career achievement of a person or entity.

  • Melitón Grant: Best work made at the Estudios Melitón annual workshop. 1.000 €

  • Melitón Challenge: Best work made in the "Melitón Challenge", creation of a short in 48h in Navarra. 1.000 €

Prizes shall be subject to the corresponding tax withholdings and shall be given at the closing gala. Special mentions may be granted.