The creation of short film about the current situation of global pandemic.

The call is part of the commitment shared by ESTUDIOS MELITÓN and the Navarra International Film Festival  -NIFF- for making it easier for professionals in the audiovisual sector to develop the entire creation process without having to go outside the Autonomous Community: from their training, to the production and exhibition of their work.


The objective of this contest is the search for talent and its subsequent promotion . Give the impulse to professionals in the audiovisual world and non-professionals to tell their stories embodied in a script. A script that  promote inclusion and generate a social debate through cinema and its protagonists.


The jury of the contest will pay special attention to the scripts that present stories that happen in Navarra. Estudios Melitón has offered the NIFF all its facilities with very advantageous conditions for the filming of the winning work if it needed a filming set, as well as its "know-how" to be able to carry out the making of the winning short film. With this, NIFF and Estudios Melitón encourages participation not only by all Navarrese, who are the best connoisseurs of their land, but also that of scriptwriters from around the world.



1.  THE GHOST OF DORA  by Ilune Díaz

2.  THE KISS  by Juanjo del Junco

3.  FRIENDS FOREVER  by Pedro Bel

Four.  THE BOTTOM RIGHT  of  Fernando M. Umiperez

5.  SANTA CLAUS  by Jesús Eguía

6.  UNTITLED DOCUMENT  of  Janette conesa

7.  PEARS OF SAN JUAN  by Núria Parera

8.  YOU WITH MOM  by Iria Parada

9.  THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE  by Sergio Balaguer

10.  THE BRANCHES  by José Abefase

eleven.  BE OR SEEM  of  Igor Salutregi

12.  WHO IS VERA MILLER  by Rocío Padilla

13.  OLD  by Catalina Aróstegui and Enrique Ortega

14.  I LOVE YOU BUT  by Romina Martínez