The prizes awarded by the Navarra International Film Festival are for a total of six categories:

The Navarra International Film Festival is the first film festival that has joined ActúaAyudaAlimenta, a Manifesto in support of film and theater workers at risk, with zero income and families to support.

In addition to the NIFF, among the adhered entities are the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, the AISGE Foundation, the Agrupación de Asociaciones Audiovisuales, the APA (Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals), the TNC (National Theater of Catalonia) and the Catalan Film Academy.

This action consists of knowing the needs of the people in the sector. With the support of the Food Bank, food baskets will be made per person, family or week. This basket can be picked up or ordered to be delivered to your home. Although it starts with the issue of food, funding will be sought for medicines, rentals ...

With the aim of reaching all the people who need it. This initiative has started with cinema and theater, but with the intention that soon, if the action works, it will expand to more  sectors such as music. This action begins in Barcelona and its surroundings, but also, after seeing how the action works,  can be taken anywhere in the country  where necessary.

If you want to receive food or have other needs and want to comment on them, click on this link. This form is anonymous and complies with the Data Protection Law. https://aaacultura.typeform.com/to/oNGjoQ

If you do not want to fill out the form, but you need some kind of help, or if you want to receive information about this action or volunteer for the various tasks that may arise, you can write to   cultura@actuaayudaalimenta.org

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